Friday, 13 January 2012

Restaurant Review: The Rook and Raven

Today for lunch I joined some of Jordon’s co-workers at The Lighthouse and wandered down to the Rook and Raven for lunch.  I ordered the potato and leek soup while Jordon ordered the loaded burger.  While the atmosphere was fantastic, Jordon’s Diet Pepsi was flat and there was a large chunk of bone in his burger as he bit into it.  I had to add a serious amount of salt and pepper to the soup as it was beyond bland.  I wasn’t impressed.

After Jordon pulled the piece of bone out of his mouth, he did finish the rest of the burger which he described as “meh” and that could kind of sum up the entire meal.  Lots of hype but it was pretty bland.  That being said, the service was pretty good and the atmosphere was relaxing.  I am sure that it is a nice place to come for drinks but as a lunch spot, “meh”.

The Rook and Raven
(306) 665-2220
154 2nd Ave South

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