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Restaurant Review: Souleio

One of the big changes this fall in our household was Jordon resigning from his job at The Salvation Army Community Services and taking a job at The Lighthouse.  A change in locations meant that would be eating less on 20th Street and in Riversdale and more downtown.  The first restaurant that I checked out with Jordon was Souleio.

The Souleio experience starts when you walk in the doors.  It isn’t just a restaurant but also a market.  Walking in the menu is written on a floor to ceiling chalkboard that reaches easily 20 feet high. Located in the historic McLean Building, it features massive windows, a bright and cheerful interior, and a decor that made me forget the cold and blustery day that surrounded up outside.

Thumbnail of the Souleio menuAs for the food, on the day we went, I tried the Chicken Panini which featured a tasty Panini and a wonderful side salad.  The coleslaw almost stole the show and had obviously been made from scratch.  Jordon enjoys the Panini but recently tried the Crispy pork belly sandwich w/ sauerkraut.  It was a new taste to him but he thought it was exceptional.

Actually that could be said for almost everything at Souleio.  Souleio works closely with local farmers to put healthy local food on their tables.  Not only does it support local producers, help the environment but it also keeps their menu fresh and exciting a food comes and goes out of season.  One of the best parts about Souleio is as the seasons change, so does the menu.

While the argument against eating local has been the cost, the price for a lunch for Jordon and I is comparable to most other restaurants in the city and was actually less expensive then some national chains who make no effort to eat local, create the same kind of dining experience Souleio does or match the quality of the food.  Souleio not only gave me a great lunch but it also raises my expectations for other restaurants in Saskatoon.

As I mentioned there is a wonderful fresh market and a bakery and deli full of both unexpected and local food but that will be a post for another day.

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265 3rd Ave S.
Saskatoon, SK

tel : (306) 979-8102

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  1. thanks for the nice review I am going to have to check that place out next time we are in town